We Were Specially Chosen

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Dear Mom, 

I am 2 years into my new normal. My 4 month prenatal diagnosis was the scariest time of my life. Being a first time mom and trying to process the diagnosis of Down Syndrome was hard. The doctors and even some family members made me feel like abortion was an option and in my heart I knew that was not right. No matter what the circumstance is when you are blessed to be a mom that is amazing. God gives his hardest task to his strongest soldiers. 

The journey may not be easy but the support of the Down Syndrome community is here It’s kind of like being a part a members only club. We where specially chosen to be there moms and they are counting on us. Everyday she makes me smile and laugh and I couldn’t imagine my life with out her. She makes me a better person and I am forever grateful to her. We are the New Normal!

- @everandmom