You Have Been Given an Extraordinary Child.

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Dear Mom, 

Congratulations! You have been given an extraordinary child. Right now, your emotions are likely an exploding paradox of joy and concern, marvel and assumption. It is okay, focus on the joy and wonder. Embrace your circumstances and pace yourself. Community is a wonderful thing, so surround yourself with others who challenge you in encouraging ways and add positive truth that is balanced with grace. Be heartened that the world is learning and progress is constant….We are a part this story. Loving yourself and others will carry you, pity will easily press you down, but forgiveness will propel you beyond limits. When you are overwhelmed, doubting yourself, or just too tired, take the moment you need to recover and reset. Choose to presently enjoy the accomplishments you experience together. 

My son Leo is 5 years old and has Down syndrome. I remember when he was first born, for some reason I was really grieving about his future and him not being able to drive a car. How silly! Of all the concerns I could have, this is what I was thinking about. I’m not sure why it even mattered to me; never the less, it did in some way. I learned that this thought was simply just part of the process to becoming comfortable with my actual reality verses the one I had envisioned. Let me tell you, he has accomplished so much! He has soared through open heart surgery at 3 months old, he’s learned to run and run fast. Leo can jump off two feet, draws circles and lines and recite simple books by memory. He’s developed a healthy immune system. He pesters his big sister Mya, just because he wants to. He jokes and teases. He tells me “wuv you too, Mommy”. He acts out scenes from movies with accuracy. He has a spot on Batman voice and the cutest baby voice imaginable. He knows empathy and compassion. Sometimes he keeps his hands to himself. :) My point is he CAN. He can and will do many things….. Maybe even drive a car someday. Honestly his inhibitions are simply inspiring and he has warmed and healed many hearts already. I’m humbled and honored to be his mom. My dearest mom, you definitely got this.


Ann Cruz