I Bet you Never Knew...

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Dear Mom,

I bet you never knew how wonderful having a child with Down syndrome would be. I know I didn’t! Fletcher is only 4 months old, but I already feel like the luckiest mom on the planet to have been given this sweet boy. We are in the middle of a scary time as we are getting close to open heart surgery. Fletcher was born with an AV Canal defect and PDA. We knew he was going to need this surgery before he was born. But now that he’s here, and he has the best little smile you’ve ever seen, it makes it so much scarier.

Doctors appointments, hospital stays, high calorie formula, medical teams, oxygen machines, far too many needles and blown veins. I know so much medical terminology I feel like I could earn my PhD! Part of me is terrified beyond belief, and the other part of me can’t wait to get this over with. I can’t wait for Fletcher to just get to be a baby, to get this season of his life behind us. He’s a strong little guy and the happiest baby and I’m blessed to be his mama. If you’re going through a scary time, or have already been down this road, it’s great to know you’ve got a village of warrior moms standing with you. 

Xo, Sara