Your Baby will be the Light of your Life


Dear mom,

Congratulations on your new baby!
You might feel little awkward to hear “congratulations” because this is new, unexpected, unknown world, and..... the baby is little different from others.

You may be even feeling guilty, sad, lonely and so many different emotions.
That’s ok. I was the same way when I had my boy.

I saw the “look” when I looked at my son and knew he had Down syndrome. Then doctors came in and delivered the news. “I’m sorry...” My world turned 180 degrees upside down. He was a rainbow baby and the first boy in my side of family, so expectations were high, then I had a baby with Down syndrome. I kept asking myself Why me? I blamed myself for not be able to have “a normal child”. I felt like a failure.

If you’re feeling or that ever crossed your mind, I can tell you from bottom of my heart, that t’s not your fault. Nothing is your fault.
I promise you, your baby will be the light of your life. Your little one will show you that it’s ok to be different. You will find beauty in many different things that you would never noticed. Your life will be better because of your little one.

Everything will be ok. We are here for you. You’re not alone.
Welcome to this whole new motherhood, sisterhood and one big beautiful family.

Ayako” - @thehappyjs