I Would Tell Myself Just How Lucky I Am


Dear Mom,

I know you might be frightened right now. I was too. Finding out that my boy was born with Down Syndrome was shocking and difficult to process. There was so much fear about the future and grief over the loss of what I had imagined for my baby's life.

When he was three years old, I wrote the following narrative that I would like to share with you now as you begin this journey.

"I wish I could have the opportunity to go back and tell me from three years ago a few things." 

"I would tell myself that my son would bring unbelievable joy to my life, that my life would be enriched in a way I could never have expected and my eyes and heart would be opened to so many things I had been missing, that the people that we would meet on this journey would become my heroes, and that my biggest hero of all would be this tiny little person with more spirit than any person I know."

"I would remind myself that the people in my life are good and that my son has a village willing to do anything for him."

"I would tell myself just how lucky I am."

Stacy @slsings