I Never Knew Life Could Be So Good


Dear mom, 

I never knew life could be so good. You might be scared or sad and I was too. It’s okay and even an important part of the journey to grieve. My baby girl is everything I never knew I always wanted and your baby will be too. After many years and many failed attempts to have a baby, Emmy is the one that stuck. She's proven to be so strong from the very beginning. I remember getting that phone call telling me that the baby I was carrying would be born with Down syndrome and thinking, “after all we've been through and now this. Why God?” To be honest, it felt like my baby had died because that’s how I was treated.

But all it took was meeting a few moms already on the journey to realize God wasn't punishing us, he was giving us a bonus. He was giving us light, and joy and everything good in the world. I view the world differently now that she's here. The perspective I have because of her is a gift. Emmy has made me a better person is every way possible. This journey is hard sometimes and much of that is just part of motherhood. We are so lucky to do this motherhood thing together. Welcome to the best club on earth.

Love, Amy