Worry is a Tricky Thing, isn't It?


Dear Mom,

Worry is a tricky thing, isn't it? It creeps into our hearts, slowly climbing and growing like sticky vines on a hot day. But mama, our hearts were made to beat freely, without the constraints of future fears.

Our children teach us to live in the present. No one has a crystal ball, and as I've had the honor of raising my daughter Eliza, who has Down Syndrome and Epilepsy, I'm learning how to take one day - sometimes one hour - as it comes. Being present and focusing on her perfect almond eyes and the way she snuggles into my chest just-so has lessened the holds of "what-if."

We don't have to know the future. We just have to rest in the presence of our children, soaking up the here and now as they grow and we grow with them. Some people go their whole lives searching for the secret to letting go of fear of the future. How lucky we are that we get to raise little ones who teach us the gift of presence, turning our vines into flowers. Mama, you were made to flourish, not wither.

Today, right now, God has given you breath in your lungs and a precious child who reflects His image. Rest in the glory that's bursting forth all around you in the form of an extra chromosome. Remember the lilies in the field, and remember that the Creator of all things cares for them. How much more will he care for you? 💛 🌱 

Kayla @kayla_craig