This year, we are so excited to bring to you some of the most influential voices in our lives. We hope that our time together on November 3rd can bring you hope, insight, and new tools in helping you along your journey, too.


The Lucky Few Podcast

We are so excited to invite our dear friends, The Lucky Few Podcast to join us as out headliner and featured Guest. The Lucky Few Podcast began in March 2018 instantly captivating thousands of listeners per month as the podcasted interviews, stories, and advocacy around the most relevant and controversial topics in the space.

The Lucky Few Podcast is hosted by Heather Avis, Micha Boyett, and Mercedes Lara. Three moms all raising a child with Down Syndrome, who are committed to take the world by storm, one topic at a time. 

As a guest, you will get to participate in a LIVE Podcast experience and appear on a Fall episode release of the show, recorded on site at the Dear Mom, Conference.


Mrs. Terry Brown

Terry Brown, affectionately know as “Mrs. Brown” by her many learners, has a passion and a gift for teaching individuals with Down syndrome. Working from her home, she has developed a successful and innovative program that teaches reading and other academic skills to learners ages three to adult.

Her teaching methodology, based from Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome by Patricia Oelwein, is unique in the education space and her commitment to these methods and learned applications over the years are proven successful.

It is Mrs. Brown’s hope that all children with Down syndrome will be afforded the opportunity to read and reach their personal and academic potential as she has witnessed many times over what a gift this is to the child and their families.


Oakley Peterson

Oakley Peterson grew up in Northern California but currently resides in Northern Utah with her husband, Scott and their three little ones. She is the mother to feisty Scarlett, their fun and sassy girl, sweet Welles, their empathetic and pure hearted escape artist (always on the run), and Ames, the boss baby who joined the party and thinks he owns the place! When not changing soiled diapers, cleaning pen marks off the walls or checking door locks to keep Welles in... Oakley and her family enjoy traveling, dancing and spending time together. Oakley has volunteered with “United Angels”, a special needs foundation and is active with Down syndrome families around the world. She is the founder of Nothing Down About It, a blog that documents the real-life circus of her family, showing the wild crazy ride through all of the highs and all of the bumps in the road.


Alan and Nikki LAwrence

Alan and Nikki Lawrence, the family behind That Dad Blog and Wil Can Fly, took the nation by storm with Alan's creative photography and unique angle for advocacy. They have toured the nation meeting other families and sharing their story with incredible passion and commitment.




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